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Volunteers are the lifeblood of our organization.

This year we could use volunteers to:

  • Sit on our board of directors
  • Be part of the Canada Day organizing committee
  • Work at the Canada Day Barbeque
  • Help with our fall programs
  • And probably a few other things that we haven't thought of yet.

If you would like to help out you can contact us at the Confluence Heritage Society Office 

Thanks to Our Volunteers in 2011

Many members and non members have volunteered to help us with our various projects and events during 2011. A huge Thank You!

The Family Fun Fest Food

Tracy FillionShirley EvansDon Lynch
Mary FillionJackie MarchbankAllison Marchbank

The Booth at the Rocky Trade Fair

Greg JoyceDon LynchMatilda Stracey
Shirley EvansJoyce ZirkSylvia Pedrazzini
Melissa Gray - Barry

The Canada Day Barbeque

Doreen and Jim GuillouxPat and Larry RhudeMatilda Stracey
Jane WatsonSylvia PedrazziniJudeAnna Pedrazzini
Martin BarrettCinta BarrettRita Pedrazzini
Dominic PedrazziniClaire PedrazziniSr. Margie McDonnell
Lorraine SambrookeGwen ChisholmSusan Scott
Larry DunsfordDon LynchPatrick Pedrazzini
Jill DahleDanielle FandrickPhyllis McNutt
Jackie MarchbankRyutaro Kage (Tyler)

Pull Tickets and Popcorn

Shirley EvansBetty Miller

Pow wow

Linda OjaDon LynchMatilda Stracey
Archie and Evelyn GriffithBeth GeldortSylvia Pedrazzini
Margaret Hewitt

The Stargazing Starbeque

Don and Paddy LynchSylvia Pedrazzini

The Day Camp Trial Run

HelpersJill DahleJudeAnna Pedrazzini
Volunteer Participants:Tamara, Emma, Carter, Connor, Sarah, ScottRita, Claire, Dominc, Naomi

The Heritage Camping event

Don LynchSylvia PedrazziniMatilda Stracey
Shirley EvansGreg JoyceJoan Paseika

Community Builder Award

One of our board members receiving the Rocky Mountain House and District Chamber of Commerce Lou Soppit Community Builder Award for long time volunteer service to the community

Our Directors Are Volunteers

Our Board of Directors are volunteers. Here are some of us cleaning up after an event. In addition to making executive decisions, we like to get our hands dirty.

Special Thanks

Special thanks to Travis Weber for organizing the lunches for the Invisible History Public Archaeology Program

Volunteers in Action

Serving up bison burgers and corn on the cob on Canada Day

A planning session

Sharing a booth with Parks Canada at the Rocky Job Fair

A corn husking bee

We Need Help

Would you like to be more involved in our Western Canadian history, heritage and culture?

Find out about projects that need help.

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